My work stems from a fascination with our reactions, both mentally and physically, to ideas of stress and tension. Referencing my own experiences as well as those gathered from interviews with others my work creates a dialogue for these, often unrecognized, occurrences.

To capture the movements that are associated with anxieties I occasionally employ different kinetic elements that amplify or exaggerate these twitches. With these moving pieces I am looking inward at the body as it combats perceived stress. I also focus on the rigidity and stiffness that can also occur as a reaction to a stressful environment. Using cast plastic and screen-printed fiberglass I am capturing the unseen manifestations of tension as it relates to our personal space. 

Each piece is a conglomeration of several different ideas of stress. Often during conversations it becomes apparent that bases of tension cross paths between multiple individuals. The evidence of the evolution of stress between different people can be seen in the differences between my pieces. My collection of anxieties grows daily as I continue conversations with others as well as attempting to make sense of my own relationship to anxiety.